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The Challenges

The designs are complex and unique which demands proper training of the workers, Zenobia marked that retaining employees is a challenge as this is a niche work which needs more effort unlike other embroideries that requires less effort and more money. She further added that marketing gave a tough time as she doesn't own a store and the products are of high quality and limited. She only manufactures when there is a need for that particular piece.


Ms, Priya Krishnaswams, a film maker, was inspired by Zenobia‘s Garas and made a film showcasing garas to promote the authentic dying art.  This film was named as "Gangoobai" which was produced by NFDC.

Zenobia is also a mentor and teaches students from various college of Fashion and design. She managed to get the fist position in a fashion show for Symbiosis students. Even people from Gujrat are requesting her to teach them the techniques of Gara Embroidery.

Zenobia‘s success story doesn‘t end here She is a member of Cherie Blair Foundation which works for women entrepreneurship. Cherie Blair with other associates appreciated her design and presented her a signed biography and memento in the form of china plate of London. Zenobia not only does embroidery on clothing but also achieved to portrait on different sizes of frames. Those frames can be used in increasing the glory of anyone‘s home décor or an ofice chamber too. Mrs. Blair uses one of Zenobia‘s portraits in her office as was gifted by Zenobia.

Zenobia has also organized a fishion show and an exhibition in Dubai, December 2014 where her work had been recognized by all over the world.

By the end of our conversation, I was deeply inspired by Zenobia in terms of providing value to our culture and heritage and preserving it. She is really an inspiration to all of us. The Journey has just stated for Zenobia and she has yet to travel more. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so lets preserve it.

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